To reinvent is to change the way we experience life

Longevity; prosperity; come as a challenge to society's values;​​ evolve our momentary perception. We should respect nature's gifts, enhance the exceptional.

λ /lambda/ is the first luxury olive oil in the world. It is a limited-production, award-winning ultra premium olive oil representing the persistent path from tradition to perfection. From some of the oldest centenarian olive trees of Greece, a finest blend of Koroneiki and Kolovi varieties are handpicked and pressed with utmost care. Then this ultra-low acidity liquid is being bottled and labeled entirely by hand. Each and every bottle passes five quality controls. It takes eight pairs of hands and equal sets of eyes in order to ensure minimum oxidation and maximum attention to detail. This is why λ /lambda/ has median of fruitiness (mF) constantly over 6.0 (intense), therefore is considered one of the best olive oils in the world.

To ensure uniqueness is to control even the tiniest detail

Quality; superiority; every inner aspect has to be examined; life’s tiniest particle has to be explored. We should achieve excellence, reach perfection.

Supremacy leaves nothing to chance. Speiron can guarantee the exceptional organoleptic and chemical properties of λ /lambda/. We insist on analysing its organoleptic and chemical state repeatedly in order to ensure remarkable intensity of flavour.

Origin: Greece Variety: Superb blend from Koroneiki and Kolovi olives Harvest: by hand Extraction: cold extraction, unfiltered Acidity (during production): 0.28 K232: 1.925 Peroxyde: 7.5 meqO2/kg Bottling & Labelling: By hand, without any mechanical means Colour: deep green Flavour: medium fruity (mF: 5.1), medium peppery (mP: 4.2), medium bitter (mB: 3.1), Tasting notes: almond, green apple, artichoke, green tomato. Well balanced body, full of peppery peaks. Volume: 100ml (3,4 fl oz) and 500ml (16,9 fl oz).

Selected for the Harrods' Christmas gift hamper 2012

Silver World medal

New York festival awards 2008

"One man's quest for olive oil perfection"

The Sunday Times