Reinventing food in an unparalleled way

To be unique is to think differently

Ideas; actions; cause fundamental changes; make definite statements. We should exercise ourselves in differentiation, establish bespoke creations.

Uniqueness is everything, true beauty stands timeless; Speiron is a Greek pioneering company dedicated in reinventing food in an unparalleled way. Our vision reflects a unique way to enjoy life. Exclusive design stimulates exquisite quality; exceptional craftsmanship blends with unlimited purity; the smallest detail, noble and exceptional, refines what is elegance. As it is said, perfection lies in the details. But then, Speiron has a powerful motivation to unveil it.

Τo dream a new form is to give birth to a new statement

Assumptions; efforts; drive into influential processes; lead to significant alterations. We should extend splendor, introduce exclusivity.

Born a perfectionist, entrepreneur Giorgos Kolliopoulos founded Speiron in 2006. Speiron is the first Luxury Food & Beverage company in Greece and one of the first worldwide. An olive oil connoisseur, as he holds a course on the official Organoleptic Assessment Method of Virgin Olive Oil by the International Olive Council (IOC), Giorgos is always out there, reinventing things. What is made of talent, is made for achievement.

"Really intense fruity flavor"


"One of the best olive oils"

How to spend it, Financial Times

"Peak Performer"


"The champagne of the olive oil world"

The Independent